Bleached Jute Yarn & Braids

This section of products is our newest development and is unique to the effect that it creates novel looking products with the addition of bleached white color along with the natural golden and grey colors of jute.

Various combinations are made in all our available products. A high number of combinations are possible in jute braids by changing the number of strands used to create a new product.

Manav Jute Products Private Limited

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About Our Company

Manav Jute Products Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2003 and over the years, we have developed an expertise in the area of handmade jute products and created a benchmark of high standards in quality of‘handspun’ jute yarn and braids. Our team of experienced and extremely hard-working skilled and semi-skilled craftsmen from across the state of West Bengal have been carefully selected to produce the best products and to meet all requirements of our buyers with respect to colour, uniformity, stitching, moisture content, dimensional accuracy and overall finishing.

Our craftsmen are constantly motivated to be creative and produce novel products and owing to that we have expanded our product basket substantially over the last few years. Additionally, it is always our endeavour to customise and create according to exact specifications from our buyers. Our uncompromising attitude towards quality also stretches out to the selection of raw jute which is procured from select suppliers. There is zero tolerance for poor or sub-standard quality of raw fibre.

Regular checks are carried out to ensure that the quality levels are maintained. Labour heads have been instructed to keep efficient quality controls over raw fibre as it is the most important factor in determining the ultimate grade of all products.

Our Executive Director, Mr Ashok Kumar Gupta with many years of experience in the jute industry has inculcated a working culture of transparency, business ethos, relationship building and swift and prompt communication. His leadership and direction have come a long way in making our quality standards and communication the two chief pillars of our company.

At Manav Jute, we believe in building long term relationships with our buyers. Our communication is prompt and business transacting is simple, clear and transparent. We stay fully committed to providing our clients with our best and always welcome inputs from them to develop new products which are outside our product basket.

Quality Control & Management

"The result of long-term relationships is better and better quality." - Dr W Edwards Deming

Quality management is one of our main pillars of strength. An uncompromising attitude with quality is an integral part of our organisational work culture. We are guided by the belief that if we create a quality product, we would not just have satisfied customers but loyal customers - customers who would be willing to wait in line and pay more for our products.

There are strict quality checks on the arrival of the raw jute fibre which is sorted carefully and poor quality of fibre is eliminiated from the production process. Products are checked during the work-in-progress stage and as well as at the finished stage immediately after production and also before final packaging.